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Best 7 Horseback Riding Tour in Oahu Hawaii For Outdoor Adventure

People enjoying horseback riding tour in Oahu
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Horseback Riding Tour in Oahu Hawaii is offered by

  1. Pālehua Trail Rides
  2. North Shore Stables
  3. Gunstock Ranch
  4. Turtle Bay Resort
  5. Kahuku-Kai Horse Ranch 
  6. Kualoa Ranch
  7. Hawaii Polo Oceanfront Trail Rides

Horseback riding is the phenomenal art of riding a horse while controlling its movement & speed with the utmost effectiveness and the least effort. To become a good rider, one must start by obtaining a general knowledge of horses, to begin with.

The experience gives immense pleasure to the rider if you decide to ride outdoors on bridle paths, trails and forest roads, but not on concrete roads regularly used by automobiles.

Among all the places in Hawaii, Oahu is also one of the fine islands to gain experience. From underwater adventure in Oahu to feeling equestrian vibes, this island in Honolulu will surprise you. 

So if you planning for a Hawaiian vacation or if you are already vacationing in the Aloha state, horseback riding should be on the top of the list of things to do in Honolulu or Oahu in general.

Saddle up on an Oahu horseback riding adventure and experience the sport from private or group trail rides, romantic campfire rides, sunset and moonlight rides, beach rides and more. 

Great for all escapades, there is nothing like exploring Oahu by riding a horse.

What To Expect On A Horseback Tour

Although all tours seem to be similar, there are a few qualities in them that make them unique and different from others. Hence, things you need to consider during the Hawaiian honeymoon are quite different from things you need to expect from local horseback riding in Oahu.

Enjoy a nice horseback riding in Oahu Hawaii
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Here are some things you need to consider before embarking on a horseback riding adventure-

  • The rides can take between 1 and 2 hours.
  • You do not need any prior experience to join the tour.
  • This ride takes place in groups and each tour has different sizes of groups.

You have to understand the terrain and itinerary as the main differentiating factor between tours is their choice of location. For example, one may like to tour a private ranch land in the foothills that offers a distant view of the ocean.

On the other hand, some people would like to walk directly beside the ocean.

1. Pālehua Trail Rides

Pālehua Trail Rides is perfect for both amateurs and experienced ones. Their rides offer a unique experience through Oahu’s beautiful southern slopes of the Wai’anae mountains.

Similarly, this company also provides commanding views of the southern and western coastline of O’ahu

Horseback Rides in Honolulu, Hawaii at Camp Palehua
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Experience unforgettable views and a horseback riding tour at Pālehua Trail Rides. Their horse riding price for Sunshine or Sunset Group Ride is $118, whereas, a private Sunshine or Sunset Tour is $158.

  • Best For: beautiful scenery
  • Age Minimum: 8 years old
  • Weight Maximum: 200 lbs
  • Address: 1 Palehua Rd, Kapolei, HI 96707, United States
  • Hours: 12 PM-8  AM
  • Phone: +1 808-207-4989
  • Appointments:

2. North Shore Stables

Nestled in the quiet, historic countryside of Waialua, North Shore Stables offers beautiful scenery with amazingly friendly horses. Their location is prime and provides gorgeous oceanfront views.

North Shore Stables also provides ATV rides.
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  • Best For: Atv riding and horseback riding
  • Age Minimum: 2 years old
  • Weight Maximum: 180 lbs
  • Address: 67-221 Waialua Beach Rd, Waialua, HI 96791, United States
  • Hours: 8  AM- 5 PM
  • Phone: +1 808-270-5032
  • Appointments:

Not only a horseback riding excursion, but North Shore Stables also provides an ATV ride. This company is the only one that offers All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) through active farmlands, onto their signature ATV racetrack.

What are you waiting for, book sightseeing tours, attractions, excursions, things to do and fun activities to do in Honolulu, Hawaii.

3. Gunstock Ranch

Located on Oahu's scenic north shore, Gunstock Ranch offers the most extensive lineup of riding experiences. From children's pony rides to advanced private trail rides, they have it all.

Not to forget, the company also offers special rides such as sunset rides, dinner rides, and private romantic rides. 

Gunstock Ranch offers the most extensive lineup of riding experiences.
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  • Best For: Rides with young kids
  • Rides Offered: 1-hour Pony Ride for kids ($55); 1-hour general ride ($87); 1.5-hour general ride ($99); and more.
  • Age Minimum: Pony Ride (ages 2-7); General Rides (7 and up)
  • Weight Maximum: 240 lbs
  • Address: 56-250 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731, United States
  • Hours:  8 AM Mon
  • Phone: +1 808-341-3995
  • Appointments:

If you wish to continue your ride with this company, you will have a perfect opportunity to watch the beautiful island while learning about the paniolo lifestyle. That is not it, you can also get distant views of the ocean.

4. Turtle Bay Resort

Horse riding at Turtle Bay are the only ones to be offered at a resort on O‘ahu, for guests of the resort. Although the facility is for guests of Turtle Bay, non-guests are also welcome to book the sport through the resort.

  • Best For: Rides with young kids
  • Rides Offered: Pony Experience (must call for price); 45-minute general ride ($100); 1-hour Private/Advanced Ride ($225); 75-minute Sunset Ride ($175)
  • Age Minimum: Pony Experience (ages 2-6); General rides (7 and up)
  • Weight Maximum: 225 lbs

Horseback riding at Turtle Bay Resort
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For people dreaming of riding horses on the beach, this tour will certainly not disappoint you. If you book a ride from the resort, you will be enjoying a beach ride, right on the trails just beside the beach.

The rides take place on the resort grounds, mostly on the 12 miles of oceanfront and seaside trails. Meanwhile, you will be absorbing the scenic beauty as well as some movie history which includes visiting filming locations for LOST and Pirates of the Caribbean.

5. Kahuku-Kai Horse Ranch 

Kahuku-Kai Horse Ranch offers breathtaking views of the Koolau Mountains. Besides, their staff are welcoming and helps guests experience some memorable experiences.

Kahuku-Kai Horse Ranch 
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In addition to rides and views Kuolao Ranch also offers venues and photo backdrops such as the Jurassic Park movie mountains, a bunker with movie posters, and dinosaur bones with a personalized slow-motion video of guests running away from a toy t-Rex- is the icing of the cake!

  • Best For: Rides with young kids
  • Age Minimum: Pony Ride (ages 2-7); General Rides (7 and up)
  • Weight Maximum: 240 lbs

6. Kualoa Ranch

Known for its gorgeous location and a multitude of tour offerings, Kualoa Ranch is a wonderful place to begin your dream ride. As you sign up for the adventure, you will embark upon a journey of watching the jagged Ko‘olau Mountains, the vast valleys, and partial ocean views.

  • Best For: Scenic rides and good-value combo packages
  • Rides Offered: 2-hour tour for $144
  • Age Minimum: 10 years old (with a minimum height of 4’6″)
  • Weight Maximum: 230 lbs
  • Phone: +1 808-237-7321
  • Hours: 7:30 AM - 6 PM
  • Address: Kaneohe, HI 96744, United States

Kualoa Ranch horseback riding
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Horse riding in Hawaii is fun with Kualoa, though the place can get crowdy at times, their fare of $144 makes it worth it as it offers a lot of convenience.

From round-trip transportation from Waikīkī to the Hollywood Movie Site Tour and the Taste of Kualoa Farm Tour this place offers it all. Therefore, for people looking for value, Kualoa has it in abundance.

7. Hawaii Polo Oceanfront Trail Rides

Hawai‘i Polo Oceanfront Trail Rides is the only tour on the island that takes the riders onto the beach. If required, they also provide Oahu horseback riding lessons.

Take a oceanfront trail ride with Hawaii Polo Club For Outdoor Adventure
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Run by the Hawai‘i Polo Club, this Oceanfront Trail Rides offers three ride options on horse ride tours. General, private & sunset which range from $128- $148.

Located adjacent to the beach on the North Shore, Hawaii Polo Oceanfront Trail Rides is for people who love riding horses through the white sand. Here, guests can get a sneak peek at this unique sport and its significance on the island. 

  • Best For: Scenic and sunset beach rides
  • Age Minimum: 8 years old
  • Weight Maximum: 250 lbs
  • Address: 68-411 Farrington Hwy, Waialua, HI 96791, United States
  • Hours: 8  AM- 8 PM
  • Phone: +1 808-220-5153