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12 Indoor & Outdoor Things To Do in Kauai When it Rains

There are plenty of thins to do in The Garden Isle aka Kauai during the rainy season such as hiking in a swamp.
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Things to do in Kauai when it rains are

  • Visit A Chocolate Factory
  • Experience The Thrill Of Kauai Escape Room
  • Shop Till You Drop 
  • Try Hiking In A Swamp 
  • Visit Tabora Gallery & many more.

Situated in the central Pacific, Kauai is nicknamed "the Garden Isle". It has the most beautiful scenic view that includes the tropical rainforest covering much of its surface.

From the dramatic cliffs and pinnacles of its Na Pali Coast, this island has served as a backdrop for major Hollywood films, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park Lilo & Stitch, The Descendants, Avatar etc.

As a tourist, there are a plethora of things to see and witness on this island. You can go on a hike or watch the marine animals from the comfort of your boat. However, the scenario is different if it starts raining.

What will anyone do if it starts pouring hard during your vacation? To take you out of the dilemma, we have prepared a list of things you can do indoors and outdoors while it's raining heavily in The Garden Isle.

1. Get A Couple's Massage

If you are wondering what to do in Hawaii when it rains, get a couple's massage, which is one of the best ways to relax your mind, body, and soul.

At Hanalei Day Spa, you can enjoy a nice massage by the beach! This will be one of the exciting things you do with your partner when it rains during your Hawaii honeymoon.

When it rains, get a couple's massage
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This relaxing massage at Hanalei Day Spa lasts for 80 minutes. They use organic coconut oil along with deep tissue hair conditioning treatment with coconut oil as well! 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and make an appointment at the spa to feel absolute bliss together with your spouse.

In addition to couples' massages, Hanalei Day Spa offers a variety of activities such as facials to compliment your looks!

2. Watch Indoor Luau

It is worth watching a luau, be it outdoors or inside a ballroom. So, visit Luau Kalamaku Kauai when it's raining and gulp the river of cocktails and drinks while enjoying the traditional dance & performances.

The fire dance performance at Luau Kalamaku
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One night you’ll want to go experience a luau as this is one of the top Kauai indoor activities especially when it is pouring out there. Not only do you get to enjoy the performances and food but there, you will also find an opportunity to learn about Hawaiian culture, traditions and mouth-watering delicacies.

Plus, you will be entertained with fire knife dancing, hula dancing, and so much more. 

On an ordinary sunny day, you will begin the experience by strolling through the botanical garden inside the farm. Then, you will witness the Imu ceremony.

And then begins the fiesta with an abundance of food, drinks, and fun.

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3. Go For A Romantic Candle Light Dinner

There are multiple options when it comes to finding a romantic restaurant on the island of Kauai. Whether you are in Kauai for your honeymoon or a normal vacation, make sure to have a lovey-dovey activity on the island.

A romantic candlelit dinner on a rainy day is everything!
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Find a beautiful place along the beach and watch the rainfall together with your partner. Nothing is more intimate than a candlelit dinner with your spouse on a rainy evening.

But make sure the eatery you choose plays some romantic music to elevate your mood.

4. Visit A Chocolate Factory

Nothing screams intimacy and sweetness in one word than chocolate. The satisfaction a chocolate bar gives you is immaculately perfect. 

A young couple feeding eachother chocolate
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Visit the Houlau Farm Chocolate in the rainy season in Kauai to taste the aromatic earthy delight and experience the freshly made one direct from the source.

Step into a world of sweets with this chocolatey experience at Houlau Farm for $50 per person. Undoubtedly, this will be the best experience for you in Hawaii.

And yes, do not forget to buy a few bars to take back home as a souvenir to your family & friends back home.

5. Order Room Service All Day

Nothing is perfect and neither your vacation will be, so shake it off and move on to the second innings. You are on holiday, doesn't mean you have to be outside all the time doing something adventurous.

On wet swampy days, it can get stressful and neither of you wants to step outside your hotel room. In that case, order room service from your hotel and stay indoors all day.

Or you can choose to order from a takeout eatery and enjoy a savoury meal from the comfort of your bed. Don't fuss over missing out on outdoor adventure and remain cosy inside your room.

Order food from various restaurants all day or order room service to avoid rain this vacation
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Enjoy each other's company and order the famous Hukilau Chowder from Lava Lava Beach Club. Are you wondering what Hukilau Chowder is??

Well, Hukilaua means the seine-fishing party which often involves large numbers of people. Whereas chowder means a rich soup typically containing fish, clams, or corn with potatoes and onions.

Now you can enjoy any kind of meal, and cuddle all day while watching some bad TV show. Or you can gulp a few rounds of cocktails and take a hot bath together.

6. Swim With Your Partner & Enjoy Indoor Pool Games

At times like this, you have to make normal things interesting and fun. So you can't step outside your hotel because of the rain. You still have indoor pools and hot tubs to make it a wonderful day.

Relaxation needs cool drinks and even cooler water
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Just wear your favourite swimsuit and get yourself beach ready to take a dip at your hotel's swimming pool. It doesn't matter where you are, you can make the most of it by playing pool games or drinking some amazing mixes such as mimosa, pina colada, tequila sunrise, and many more.

You can play games such as Marco Polo, Air ball, Simon says, Watermelon ball and more. For sure it sounds childish but trust me, once the mimosa starts kicking, these childish games will cheer you up!

7. Experience The Thrill Of Kauai Escape Room

Experience the adrenaline rush at Kauai Escape Room
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Located in Lihue, the Kauai Escape Room is the first and only live-action puzzle game on the island. If you have never been to one, you are missing out on a great amount of fun and excitement.

You enter the room with your group, to begin with. Then, find clues and solve puzzles to unravel the mysteries of the room and escape within a pre-set time limit.

There's no better way to escape the rain than getting the chills at an escape room together with your family. Not only do you participate in the mystery game but you also get a chance to live your inner mystery solver.

8. Get A Drink Or Two At Koloa Rum Company

Koloa Rum Company
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Koloa Rum Company boasts their spirit of Aloha with their premium, single-batch rum crafted & distilled in Kauai, Hawaii. You are welcome to taste the Kauaʻi award-winning, single-batch premium Hawaiian Rum, cakes and mai tai mix at this company.

Here, you can sit in the tasting room sipping the richness of the liqueur & shop for the single-batch rums curated from local sugarcane.

And yes, a bottle of this richness will make a great gift to your family and close ones.

Visit Tabora Gallery Kaui and buy a painting for your partner. You can go there together and select one or you can secretly deliver it to your doorstep and surprise them with their priceless expressions.

A couple looking at a painting at an art gallery
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This art gallery showcases the work of several local and internationally renowned artists. They have a plethora of original paintings, limited edition and open edition artwork, metal art, glass, ceramic and lucite sculptures, wood bowls, and jewelry.

Details about the art gallery

  • Address: Royal Sonesta Kaua’i Resort, 3610 Rice St, Lihue, HI 96766, United States
  • Hours: 10 AM- 7 PM
  • Phone: +1 808-246-0928

10. Shop Till You Drop

Poipu in Kauai is full of amazing boutiques and clothing stores. There's nothing like a little rain to make the crowds disappear, which will turn into your treat.

But the cherry on top is the amazing deals on branded items. As Hawaii has less taxation than other states in the US, it is quite cheaper to buy luxury items at Kuaui for a lesser amount.

Shop till you drop at Poipu Shopping Center
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An empty store plus a bargain on your desired items, you bet rainfall isn't bad at all!!

You can purchase Kauai’s best jewellery, clothing, artwork and local souvenirs at the shops along Old Koloa Town to the Poipu Shopping Center and The Shops at Kukuiula.

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11. Try Hiking In A Swamp

Yes, you heard me. We understand not everyone likes to walk on a wet slippery swamp but trust us when we say it's therapeutic. Sometimes trying unconventional things will open up a knot inside of you that you didn't know existed!

Try Hiking In A Swamp at Alaka’i Swamp inside Kokee State Park forest.
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If you are looking for things to do on Kauai when it rains, walk on the trail of the world’s highest rainforest and swampland, Alaka’i Swamp at Kokee State Park forest.

A total of 8 miles round trip in the swamp in Kokee has a relaxing feel to it. Not only you will get to explore nature but you will also get a lot of exercise while getting some muddy fun doing it.

12. Explore Your Hotel & Utilize It's Amenities

Explore your hotel and utilize its amenities
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Get up from your bed and explore the hotel you are staying at. Kindly ask your companion to join you on your quest but even if they don't, you carry on by yourself and enjoy the facilities the hotel has to offer.

From pools, and hot tubs to spas, art rooms and salons, there are a plethora of amenities, that a luxury resort in Kaui has to offer. You can other get a makeover at the salon or dip in the hot tub while enjoying a drink and call it a day!

If you are not interested in any of those activities, just chill by the hotel, soaking in the beautiful scene of the island.

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