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Top 10 Things To Do In Molokai With Family

A family walking together on the sandy beach on a beautiful bright day
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Things to do in Molokai with family include

  1. A hike in Halawa Valley
  2. A walk at Papohaku Beach
  3. A visit to the Molokai Museum and more.

Molokai is the fifth-largest Hawaiian island and home to the highest sea cliffs. Even though the island is suitable for beach activities, it still has plenty of adventure to offer for visitors.

In this article, we have presented a list of 10 fun things to do in Molokai Hawaii with your loved ones.

1. A Cultural Hike In The Halawa Valley

Fun things to do in Molokai Hawaii is a cultural hike in the Halawa Valley. The valley is one and a half hours' drive away from the Molokai Airport.

Halawa Valley is a scenic destination with foliage-covered cliffs and the 250-foot-tall Mo'oula Falls. It has swimming coves where you can take a dive to cool off.

Travelers taking a hike to the base of the 250-foot-tall Mo'oula Falls in Molokai
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The hiking conditions are moderate here and the only way to explore the area is with a guide. Anakala Pilipo Solatorio offers guided hiking tours with a unique perspective.

During your journey, you will pass through the heart of the Halawa Valley past cultural landmarks and countless ancient rock features. You will get an insight into the history of the valley from the locals.

2. Take A Walk On The Papohaku Beach Park

Cool things to do in Molokai Hawaii is strolling on the sand at the Papohaku Beach Park. This three miles long park is one of the largest white sand beaches in Hawaii.

For travelers staying at Maunaloa town, take the Kaluako'i Road to the western coast to reach to your desired location. Also known as Three Mile Beach, it has a friendly island ambiance.

  • Address: West End Mile 14.9 Kaluakoi Rd, Maunaloa, HI 96770
  • Open 24 hours
  • Phone: 808 553-3204

The clear and quite environment af the Papohaku Beach Park
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Papohaku is one of the least populated beaches in the whole of Hawaii. Furthermore, this gorgeous place is conveniently accessible by car.

The beautiful waves and the sight of whales makes your time at the beach memorable. There is also a public access area for patrons along with homes on the oceanfront.

Onsite Amenities include:

  • 2 Campsites
  • Indoor and Outdoor showers
  • Picnic areas with 10 picnic tables
  • Restroom facilities

3. Visit The Molokai Museum & Cultural Center

Things to do at Molokai is to make a visit to the Molokai Museum & Cultural Center. The museum is located at Kualapuu, just north of Kaunakakai.

This cultural center is an interesting option to consider during your visit to Molokai. Through the newspaper, photos, and personal accounts from the locals, you will catch a glimpse of the history of Molokai.

An antique mule-driven cane crusher on dispaly at the Molokai Museum & Cultural Center
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Here, you can hear the stories of patients with Hansen's disease who were sent to live in the leper colony in Kalaupapa. Take a tour of the R.W. Meyer Sugar Mill that showcases agricultural history.

Before leaving the museum, stop at the charming gift shop featuring goods and crafts made by local artists. You can also find a detailed map of Molokai that might come in handy.

  • Address: 1795 Kalae Hwy, Ho'olehua, HI 96729
  • Phone: 808 567-6436
  • Opening Hours: 10 am to 2 pm (Mon-Sat)
  • Admission Fee: $5 per person

4. A Tour Of Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Stuff to do on Molokai is planning a trip to the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. This 1600 feet cliff was an isolation zone in the past for the victim of Hansen's disease.

Kalaupapa literally translates to 'flat leaf,' which accurately describes the lava-slab peninsula. It was created after a low shield volcano poked out of the sea.

An aerial shot of the gigantic cliffs of the Kalaupapa Peninsula
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The Kalaupapa Peninsula is one of the most remote locations in Hawaii. The 3.5-mile-long Kalaupapa Pali Trail is the only access to the place by road.

Travelers can get a clear view of the dormant Kauhako Crater from this peninsula. At a height of 400 feet, the crater also contains an 800-foot-deep lake.

  • Open Year-Round
  • Requires a permit
  • ADA Accessible
  • No hike-in required
  • Age Limit: 16 years and above
  • No Dining and medical facility onsite

5. Kayaking And Standup Paddle Tour

Best things to do in Molokai are a Kayak and Standup Paddle Tour. It is a five to eight miles course of the Molokai's reef from Kamalo Harbor to Hotel Molokai.

Downwinder Kayak Tour provides a thrilling riding experience for just $72 per person. You will begin the tour from Kamalo Harbor and sail with the wind.

Kayak or Standup Paddle takes advantage of the prevailing wind. Witness one of Hawaii's most spectacular ocean locations while you enjoy this water activity.

Tourists enjoy kayaking in Molokai
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  • Departure Location: Kaunakakai Harbor
  • Opening Days: Monday to Saturday
  • Transportation Fee - $25 per person
  • Flexible timing

There are multiple options that you can choose from on this tour. Find one that suits your budget:

  • Adult Day Trip to Rice Patch with Lunch - $121 per person
  • Adult Day Trip to Hotel Molokai with Lunch - $140 per person
  • Adult 5 Mile Course - $72 per person
  • Adult 8.5 Mile Course - $91.20 per person

6. Private Helicopter Tour Over Molokai Sea Cliffs

Things to do in Molokai Hawaii is taking a private helicopter tour over the Molokai sea cliffs. Paradise Helicopters offers a thrilling chopper ride for 4,792.88 per group.

The chopper launches from Lāna‘i and flies over the tallest sea cliffs in the world. Then there will be an exclusive touch-down Molokai Lookout for the' Molokai time'.

A passenger chopper from Paradise Helicopters flying past the Kalaupapa cliffs in Molokai
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This landing is a special opportunity to grasp the unique history of Kalaupapa and the intimate isolation of its landscape. This National Park is a monument to the strength of the human spirit.

After the chopper crosses the historical town of Kalaupapa, you will view northern and eastern Lāna‘i. This includes Kānepu‘u dryland forest preserve, Keahiakawelo aka the Garden of the Gods, Polihua, and long, sandy beaches.

  • Departure Address: Lanai Airport Road, Lanai Airport Rd, Hawaii 96763, USA
  • Phone: 855 275-5071
  • No. of Travelers: 6 per group (at max)
  • Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Wheelchair accessible

7. Take A Stroll At Kumu Farms

Things to do on Molokai include taking a stroll at the famous Kumu Farms. The farm cultivates more than thirty-five organic crops on the plantation.

For anyone looking to shop for fresh and organic fruits and vegetables brought straight from the source, Kumu Farms is the best choice. Treat yourself and your family to this delicious treat.

Kumu Farm started its business in 1981. It traded specialty products such as culinary herbs and peppers for the local market.

The Kumu Farm in Molokai and its peacful, lush surrounding
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Located at The Country Market in Waikapu, this farm grows a variety of fresh products such as lettuces, kale, corn, eggplants, carrots, bananas, and fennel.

Start a subscription to any of its Papaya and Pineapple Boxes and save up to 10% on each order. Furthermore, you will receive a Gift Card of $25 as well.

  • Address: 551 Huaai Rd, Kaunakakai, HI 96748
  • Phone: 808 351-3326
  • Opening Hours: 9 am to 4 pm (Mon - Fri)
  • Tripadvisor Rating: 4.5/5 based on 46 reviews

8. A Family Picnic At Molokai Forest Reserve

Molokai things to do is organize a family picnic at the Molokai Forest Reserve. This secluded nature preserve offers hiking trails, diverse vegetation and picnic areas.

Visit this serene place with your family and enjoy the lush vegetation and the beauty of Molokai first-hand. The forest was established as a Reserve in 1912.

Deers resting under the shade of Kiawe tress in the Molokai forest
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The Reserve spreads across east Molokai and comprises several non-contiguous areas. It covers a massive 11,690 acres of public land.

Public access to the forest reserve is available on the western portion. Road access is possible from Highway 460 to the 4WD Maunahui Road, about 3.5 miles northwest of Kaunakai.

  • Address: Kaunakakai, HI 96748
  • Phone: 808 948-8100
  • Public hunting is allowed with permission

9. Embark On A Fishing Adventure

Fishing is one of the most popular activities to try in Molokai with your family. Kaunakakai pier is the longest wharf in Hawaii suitable for a fishing adventure.

The place has something exciting in store for every group of visitors. Experienced fishermen will love the thrills of deep-sea and big-game fishing in Molokai's fertile water.

For the first timers, you will also experience plenty of fun since the boat captains will guide you. The best catch includes marlin, mahimahi, 'ahi and 'ono.

A couples proudly display their catch during a fishing adventure in Molokai
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Most of the charters depart from Kaunakakai Harbor. You can opt for Bottom Fishing with live bait to yield the fruits of the sea.

Hallelujah Hou Fishing with Captain Caly is one of the leading agencies in Molokai. It offers charter fishing and sport fishing adventures with unique experiences. 

10. Camping At Pala'au State Park

Enjoy memorable camping at the Pala'au State Park during your stay in Molokai. The only state park in Molokai includes campsites and a picnic shelter.

Spread in 233 acres of land, this public park is home to the phallus of Nanahoa, Kaule O Nanahoa. Furthermore, a path through the ironwood forest leads to the Kalaupapa Lookout.

The famous Kaule O Nanahoa rock at Palaau State Park
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The park features a large picnic pavilion near the main restroom. There are several picnic tables scattered throughout the park in a grove of ironwood trees.

If you are looking for some walkaround, then there is a hiking trail to a phallic fertility stone. It will only take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the journey.

  • Address: Highway 47 Ho’olehua, HI 96729
  • Phone: 808 567-6083
  • Opening Hours: 7 am to 7 pm daily
  • A camping permit is required