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13 Best Things To Do In Wailea Maui

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Things to do in Wailea Maui consist of 1. Relaxing at Wailea Beach, 2. Taking a Sea Scooter Snorkeling Tour, 3. Participating in Te Au Moana Luau and more.

Wailea is located on the southern coast of Maui and it is rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. This picturesque place will immediately have visitors immersed in its charm.

Wailea boasts beautiful sandy beaches, breathtaking ocean views, and a lot of fun activities. From blood-pumping adventurous sports to leisure activities, Wailea has something for everyone who stops by.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 13 activities to try while you visit the beautiful coastal city of Wailea.

1. Relax In The Sandy Shores Of Wailea Beach

Best things to do Wailea is to take time off and relax on the famous Wailea Beach. This beautiful oceanfront lies on South Maui about 35 minutes from Kahului Airport.

Covering an area of 1,500 acres, the beach features luxurious resorts on its shores and several tourist attractions. This beautiful crescent-shaped beach offers a sense of privacy, serenity and freedom to the visitors.

One of the best beaches in Maui, Wailea Beach has an abundance of captivating to-do activities that cater to both relaxation seekers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

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This place with its picturesque shores, pristine waters, and scenic offerings, creates a perfect stage for enchanting activities. Activities to make your visit memorable include:

  • Bask in the warm Hawaiian sun
  • Savor the serenity of the tropical paradise
  • Snorkel beneath the gentle waves and explore the vibrant coral reefs
  • Get on the water for stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking
  • Take a romantic evening walk on the soft sandy beach

2. Take A Sea Scooter Snorkeling Tour

Things to do Wailea Maui for an adventurous getaway is a Sea Scooter Snorkeling Tour at Wailea Bay. Experience the true thrill of underwater exploration like never before.

This adventure ride combines the tranquility of snorkeling with the excitement of riding a sea scooter through the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

My Splash offers a tour of 1 hour and 30 minutes for $145 per person. You will get a chance to go farther and dive deeper into the Hawaiian waters without exhausting yourself.

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Glide effortlessly through schools of colorful fish, coral gardens, and vibrant marine life as you explore the hidden treasures of Wailea Beach, one of the best places to snorkel in Maui.

You will travel in a small group, not exceeding six travelers, and get an opportunity to go in search of vibrant reefs, manta rays, turtles, eels, and other marine life in a remote part of the bay.

Some additional information about the tour:

  • Departure Location: 3894 Wailea Alanui Dr, Kihei, HI 96753, USA 
  • Age Limit: 8 years and above
  • Underwater Sea Scooter, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, and Lifejacket are provided
  • Led by local and experienced guides

3. Participate In Te Au Moana Luau

Things to do Maui Wailea include participating in the Te Au Moana Luau at The Wailea Beach Marriott Resort on Maui. Immerse yourself in a captivating and culturally enriching experience.

The luau, set against the stunning backdrop of Wailea Beach, offers a feast for both the senses and the soul. Watch the professional dancers portray the stories of fishing, gathering, and voyaging in the Te Au Moana: The Ocean Tide.

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Participating in the luau is a fun things to do in Maui with kids and a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Polynesian ancestry of the islands. Along with the luau, there is a pre-show entertainment, a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet, and a fire knife performance.

You will be treated to a delightful evening of authentic Hawaiian cuisine, featuring traditional dishes like kalua pig cooked in an underground imu oven, and a sumptuous buffet of island delicacies.

Some additional information about the Te Au Moana Luau:

  • Price: $265 per person
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Total no. of guests: up to 15 per group

4. Browse The Shops At Wailea

To do things in Wailea Maui is to browse the shops at Wailea, a renowned shopping destination in Maui. This upscale shopping center is nestled in the heart of the Wailea Resort.

Visitors at Shops at Wailea can experience a unique blend of luxury boutiques, exquisite dining options, and a picturesque tropical ambiance.

Furthermore, the open-air design, lush landscaping, and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean make this a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for anyone visiting this place.

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Whatever it is that you may be looking for from high-end fashion, or fine jewelry, to Hawaiian artwork, you will find these all under one roof here.

Note that it is the only high-end shopping center on Maui that houses designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, St. John, Coach, and Barron & Leeds.

Even if you are not really looking for an item to purchase, this place still has the same appeal. You can leisurely stroll while indulging in some world-class cuisine on site.

5. Explore The Scenic Makena State Park

To do things Wailea Maui is to explore the Makena State Park, one of the most photogenic beaches in Maui. The park is renowned for its stunning coastline.

Makena State Park comprises 165 acres of tropical land and features two pristine beaches: Big Beach (Oneloa Beach) and Little Beach (Pu'u Ola'i Beach) along with a dormant volcanic cinder cone.

The Park offers a diverse range of activities for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. The Big Beach with its golden sands and crystal-clear waters, is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and bodyboarding.

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Similarly, adventure-seekers are more likely to be drawn toward Little Beach since it offers a unique experience, known for its clothing-optional status and vibrant sunset drum circles.

Whether you're into sun-soaked relaxation or rugged exploration, Makena State Park promises an unforgettable Hawaiian adventure. If you have made your mind to visit, here are some details:

  • Address: 4670 Makena Alanui, Kihei, HI 96753
  • Admission Fee: $5 per person and $10 per car
  • Opening Hours: 6 am to 7:45 pm Daily

6. Book A Tee Time At Wailea Golf Club

To do things Maui Wailea is to book a Tee Time at Wailea Golf Club -Three Premier Golf Courses on Maui. The scenic 18-hole resort golf course also features restaurants & a pro shop.

The Golf Club is a golf enthusiast's paradise and a testament to the natural beauty of the Hawaiian landscape. The place boasts three world-class courses: the Wailea Blue, Gold, and Emerald courses.

Each course at this premium place is meticulously designed to showcase the stunning ocean views, lush tropical gardens, and dramatic volcanic landscapes. This provides golfers with an unparalleled golfing experience.

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Golfers of all skill levels are welcomed at the course. Here they can enjoy challenging fairways, immaculate greens, and the soothing trade winds that add a delightful twist to their game.

So, if you are ready to book a tee time at Wailea Golf Club then here is the rates and offers:

For General Public

  • Gold -$279
  • Emerald - $279
  • Blue - $219

For Wailea Resort Guest Open

  • Gold - $205
  • Emerald - $205
  • Blue - $175

7. Go For A Hike At Pu'u Olai

To do things in Maui Wailea is to set out for a hiking expedition at Pu'u Olai. It is a prominent volcanic cinder cone located on the southern coast of Maui.

Rising dramatically from the coastal landscape, this place offers an exhilarating hiking experience like no other. This ancient geological wonder beckons adventurers to explore its rugged terrain and witness breathtaking panoramic views. 

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The Pu'u Olai (Little) Beach Trail is about a 1 mile long, and moderately challenging. This out-and-back route is generally considered easy to hike and run. 

This trail is open year-round for visitors, however, the place doesn't allow dogs on the premises. Hiking Puʻu Olai allows one to immerse themselves in the island's natural beauty, traversing a mix of lava rock, and native vegetation.

8. Get A Massage At Wailea Healing Center

Wailea Maui things to do is to get yourself a soothing massage and healing treatments at the Wailea Healing Center. This serene sanctuary offers a wide range of holistic and therapeutic services.

You can choose from a range of healing services that better suit your needs. The place offers massage therapy, yoga classes, acupuncture, chiropractic care, life coaching, Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy, and wellness classes.

Visit this tranquil place and enjoy a relaxing morning massage with gorgeous ocean views. You can also opt for an indoor massage in one of the soothing blue rooms.

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The therapists, teachers and practitioners at the Healing Center are committed to complete wellness of body, mind and spirit. Their mission is to provide the very best therapeutic services using ancient and modern techniques to help achieve complete balance.

If you are interested in visiting the place and soothe yourself, you can make a booking online. The prices of some of their services are listed below:

  • 15 minute rejuvenation - $40
  • 30 Min Scalp Massage - $80
  • 30 Min Foot Massage - $85
  • Relaxation - 30 Minute Massage - $85
  • Deep Tissue - 60 Minute Massage - $170

9. Play A Round At Wailea Tennis Club

Wailea Maui to do things for sports enthusiasts play a round or two of tennis at Wailea Tennis Club. This premier tennis facility is located in the beautiful Wailea Resort area of Maui.

This world-class club offers sports lovers an exceptional experience amidst breathtaking tropical surroundings. The courts here are meticulously maintained and provide state-of-the-art equipment and professional coaching services.

Wailea Tennis Club is a go-to place for tennis players because it caters to players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced competitors.

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Furthermore. the club's idyllic setting, panoramic ocean views and lush greenery add to the overall appeal which makes it a perfect destination for both leisurely play and competitive matches. 

Guests will get to interact with professional instructors who offer a range of great learning opportunities. Some Popular Programs at the club are listed below.

  • Private Lessons (Tennis and Pickleball)
  • Daily adult clinics (Tennis and Pickleball)
  • Open Play Pickleball – Drop-in play for all levels!
  • Tennis Round Robin – Fun and social mixed doubles with Maui locals

10. Kayaking Tour From Makena

Maui Wailea to do things is to enjoy a thrilling kayaking tour from Makena. Wonder at the lush natural beauty of the Pacific as you paddle along the crystalline waters.

Embarking on a kayaking tour in Wailea provides an opportunity to experience the perfect blend of adventure and serenity. Furthermore, the breathtaking views of lush greenery, rugged lava cliffs, and the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean make for a memorable journey.

The calm and clear waters in Wailea provide a decent playground for both novice and experienced kayakers. You can choose to explore sea caves, observe marine life like sea turtles and dolphins, or simply bask in the warm Hawaiian sun while floating.

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If you are looking for a guided Kayaking tour, then Ohana Ocean Adventures has just the right deal for you. You can book a 3-hour tour for $139.50 per person.

This is a clear kayak ride and a snorkeling trip where you will garner a new perspective on aquatic life in Hawaii. Some insights are given below:

  • Departure Location: 5083 Makena Rd, Kihei, HI 96753, USA 
  • Stop At: Makena Landing Park, Makena Rd, Wailea, Maui, HI 96753
  • No. of People: Up to 8 per group
  • Kayak, safety equipment, snorkel mask and fins are provided

11. Set Out For An Adventure Sunset Sail

Wailea things to do Maui to perfectly end your day in Maui is to set on an adventure sunset sail. Watch the sun descend, casting a warm glow upon the tranquil waters as you board a luxurious catamaran.

As you sail with the gentle breeze, you will get an opportunity to capture the essence of Hawaii's natural beauty and the vibrant colors of the evening sky.

Kai Kanani is the only tour agency that provides catamaran sails in South Maui. A 2-hour sail featuring live music, a stellar menu, and an open full bar is available for $189.25 per person.

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On this mesmerizing voyage, guests are treated to 3-course appetizers, plated and served. You can take a sip of local spirits such as Ocean Vodka, Kula Rum, and Ulupalakua's Maui Wine at the Open Bar.

The agency also offers a shuttle service to visitors staying at Wailea Resorts and from their check-in location at Maluka Beach. You can secure a seat on this romantic and unforgettable trip from Monday through Friday.

12. Enjoy A Hearty Meal At Monkeypod Kitchen

Maui things to do Wailea is to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family at Monkeypod Kitchen. The farm-to-table eatery specializes in Hawaiian fares served along with chilled beer.

The restaurant is nestled in the heart of Wailea and it offers and unforgettable dining experience for any guest that stops by. The dining place with its rustic-chic ambiance and stunning ocean views, embodies the spirit of aloha in every way.

Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman is a decent escape for food lovers. Here guests can enjoy a great meal with their loved ones along with some chilled beer and while also being entertained by the live music.

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Start your food journey with appetizers such as Roasted Chicken Wings, Poke Tacos, or Pumpkin Patch Ravioli. Then try the Maui Cattle Company Cheeseburger or the hand-tossed Hamakua Wild Mushrooms & Truffle Oil pizza.

Save room for some delicious desserts such as Banana Cream Pie, Strawberry Cream Pie or Tropical Dreams Gelato and Sorbet. Here are some details about the dining places:

  • Located in Wailea Getaway Center
  • Hours of Operation: 11 am to 10 pm Daily
  • Happy Hour: 3:30 pm to 5 pm 

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13. Book A Luxurious Stay At Wailea Beach Resort - Marriott, Maui

Maui things to do in Wailea is to enjoy a lavish stay at Wailea Beach Resort - Marriott, Maui. Guests at this 4-star facility have easy access to two excellent beaches. 

The resort with its breathtaking oceanfront location and impeccable service offers a memorable Hawaiian escape for you. The elegant guest rooms and suites are loaded with in-room amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

Wailea Beach Resort is one of the best all inclusive honeymoon resorts in the island of Maui. Here, couples can indulge in a whole-body massage in the full-service onsite spa.

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Elevate your lodging experience at the property with lavish amenities such as an adult-only edge pool, a modern fitness center, and championship-level golf courses.

Simply enjoy your leisure time by lounging in private floating cabanas or witnessing a vibrant luau show. And don't miss out on the premium dining experience offered by the onsite restaurants.

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What to do in Wailea?

Things to do in Wailea Maui include relaxing at Wailea Beach and taking a Sea Scooter Snorkeling Tour among other fun-filled things.