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Best Beaches In Oahu To Get Married

A happy bride and groom on their wedding day!
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Best beaches in Oahu to get married are 1. Kuilima Cove Beach 2. Diamond Head Beach Park 3. Magic Island 4. Sunset Beach 5. Paradise Cove.

Beaches in Oahu are suitable for different people of varying interests. For couples looking forward to getting married in Oahu which flaunts the spacious coastline has turquoise water and grey pebble with a beautiful skyline, Oahu is the gem.

From beaches located in urban areas or a secret beach in the mountain, we have covered it all. Below is the list of different beaches in Oahu, perfect for your dream wedding!

Papailoa Beach

Getting married this year in Hawaii? Then Papailoa Beach might be the right place for you and your partner- particularly if both of you prefer an upscale neighbourhood.

Nestled in a posh town, Papailoa is located in Haleiwa Town. Due to its secluded feel coupled with its stretch of long, unspoiled sand, this beach has been popular not just to get married but as a filming location for movies and television series as well.

A romantic couple posing in front of camera on their wedding day.
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Oahu north shore wedding venues include Papailoa Beach which has glimmering tide pools, shoreline reefs, and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.

These aesthetics of the place amplify the chummy emotions the bride and groom are already experiencing, making them feel as if they’re on cloud nine!!

What makes Papailoa Beach a perfect wedding destination?

Papailoa Beach has a long stretch of white sand beach. It is secluded and private with jam-packed natural beauty, making it the perfect wedding destination.

Plus, who doesn't love a beach wedding in Hawaii!!

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Kuilima Cove Beach at Turtle Bay

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, Kuilima Cove is the beach of Turtle Bay Resort which is famous for being the filming site of movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

As we all know, North Shore in Oahu is world famous for intense surf waves, filming location and wedding venue. In general, this island is more laid-back than Waikiki.

The beach boasts what Hawaii is famous for, such as beautiful water, turtles, palm trees and a blue sky!

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Have you ever seen a postcard and dreamt of having your wedding at the same place?? If yes then consider Kuilima Cove Beach as your dream wedding destination.

Also known as “Bayview Beach,” it has white sand, luminous water, groves of bright-green naupaka, and swaying palm trees.

Kuilima Cove is beside the eastern edge of Turtle Bay Resort which is the only luxury place in the area making it an expensive stayover.

Plus this beach is a great venue for hosting mornings and evenings weddings, capturing the crescent-shaped bay stretch all the way to Kahuku Point.

Per Google reviews, the wedding package at the Turtle Bay Resort starts at $6,500 for 50 guests, with applicable minimum food and beverage depending on the day and wishlist of your celebration.

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Yokohama Bay & Kewaula Beach

Yokohama Bay or Kewaula Beach this popular Oahu wedding destination most certainly lives up to its name. Offering spectacular views from every direction, this spot is pristine.

Yokohama Bay/ Kewaula Beach
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As Kewaula Beach is located at the northernmost point of Oahu, this place is one of the remotest areas of Oahu which is tucked along the coast. Untouched by development, Yokohama Bay is often unpopulated.

With exquisite lava formations, this area is silhouetted by the verdant Waianae range, making it a superlative of your fantasy nuptials.

Haleiwa Alii Beach Park

Haleiwa Alii Beach Park at the legendary north shore is an ideal place to say I Do. Located in the bohemian, historic town of Haleiwa, this park has a splendid beach.

This town has always been famous because of the surfer sign created by artist Carole Beller in 1996 to draw the attention of tourists to this amazing town.

Haleiwa Alii Beach Park
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Are beach weddings free? You have to pay around $200 travel fee and $50 for a marriage permit for a beach wedding. And yes, you have to pay for your catering too!!

This historic town is renowned for its chill vibe and local culture which makes it "THE" spot for your espousal. The beach here sprawls across 19 acres of property, featuring 

  • grassy lawns
  • buttery sand
  • beautiful palms

Considering its surrounding, Alii beach park is a wise choice for both morning and sunset weddings. 

Paradise Cove

Located at Ko’olina, Paradise Cove Ko’olina offers idyllic scenery. Be it a grand wedding with hundreds of guests or a private one with your close-knit family members, this beach will present you with a grand affair.

Resting at the boundary between Ewa & Waianae adjacent to the Four Seasons Resort at Ko’olina, this sacred site on Oahu crystallizes serenity.

Paradise Cove
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Not only this place will fulfil your eternal wish to get married in a postcard-beauty standard venue, but it also features a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean, its shimmering tide pools and long palm trees.

Though this place offers everything you asked for, it has a catch. The only time slot to get married on this beach is the morning as they present the popular Paradise Cove Luau in the evening

Hence, this venue might not work out for people looking forward to getting married at dusk with sunset at Paradise Cove. 

Are beach weddings expensive?

Weddings can be affordable, cheap, or expensive depending on your choice of venue, dress, catering, and other services. You can arrange your wedding for less than $1000 to $100,000.

Sunset Beach

This amazing wedding destination in Oahu, Hawaii, certainly lives up to its name. With the majestic view of sunsets, this place is appreciated as one of the best islands in Oahu for a romantic date night.

Why is this place a great wedding destination you ask?

This beach boasts some of the island’s most breathtaking sunsets with enchanting crystal clear blue waters, a two-mile-long white sand beach stretch, making it a wonderful location for an intimate sunset wedding.

Located along the North Shore, Sunset Beach is amongst the best beaches in Oahu to get married. To get married on the beach, the first thing you need to acquire a government permit for your wedding.

If you choose to get married in this location, chances are you will get a picture-perfect wedding, stunning photos, and a lifetime of memories you’ll cherish & owe to Oahu.

Magic Island

Magic Island is the number one choice of to be bride & groom for their wedding. It offers a great backdrop for a photographic opportunity that ranges from $2400 -$3400.

Located within the larger Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island will not disappoint if you dream of having a sunset wedding.

Aloha wedding at Magic Island
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Offering beautiful views of Diamond Head, soft white sand, lush green spaces, and the Waikiki city skyline in the backdrop, this beach is a classic example of Honolulu at its best.

As this Magic Island is a popular venue, you have to make a prior booking and choose a day that doesn't overwhelm you. Per reviews and locals, weekends at Magic Island get pretty busy so, people choose weekday nuptials in this area.

Hence, pick a day as it pleases you and get married to your favourite human at Magic Island, Oahu.

Diamond Head Beach Park

Diamond Head Beach located at the iconic Hawaiian landmark, Diamond Head Beach Park has the perfect setting for your dream destination wedding. Plus the sunset from up there is magnificent which is another selling point for the venue.

A venue for your perfect dream wedding.
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Although Diamond Head Beach Park is an excellent choice for your wedding, the beach there is narrow. Hence, you might want to hold your ceremony on the grass or the appealing rock platform overlooking the ocean.

In addition to being a nice place for weddings, this park also has a lovely ambience for photo sessions. Therefore, if you choose this place as your site, you will end up with a bunch of amazing photographs of your special day!

Kualoa Regional Park Beach

Kualoa Regional Park Beach boasts a jewel of beauty. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this beach park is wonderfully appealing for locals and foreigners.

The postcard view of Kualoa Regional Park Beach
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Kualoa Regional Park Beach is precisely the prettiest beach in Oahu. Framed by the dramatic, serrated Ko’olau Mountains, the beach overlooks the blue Pacific Ocean, making it a wonderful place for nuptials.

You can also get a glimpse of the island of Mokoli’i from the offered 153 acres of large, luxuriant lawn. So, if you are in quest of an open lawn by the beach, this place is for you.

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