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Best Places To Go in Hawaii in September At least Once In Your Lifetime

The sea cliffs of Molokai, Hawaii
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Best places to go in Hawaii in September are

  • 1) Akaka Falls
  • 2) Haleakala Crater
  • 3) The sea cliffs of Molokai  
  • 4) Nakalele Blowhole
  • 5) Na Pali Coast & many others.

Hawaii is home to volcanoes, hula, surf and surf culture. It is also famous for being a shopping paradise with lush greenery, colourful sands and beautiful people

Although Hawaii is famous for its beaches and turquoise water, people recognize the city for its rich food culture and annual festivals.

Similarly, this Aloha state is also famous for some of the iconic food items such as malasadas, lau lau, spam musubi, huli huli chicken and many more.

But if you are looking for some outdoor fun and thrilling experience in Hawaii in September, you are here for a treat. Here, we have listed out some extraordinary things to do and places to visit in Hawaii in the fall.

1) Akaka Falls

Located in Akaka Falls State Park on Hawaii island, Akaka Falls is a treat to the eye, surging 422 ft (135 m) from a cliff in the misty rainforest. Boasting twice the height of Niagra Falls, Akaka Falls has a strong flow of water and tourists all year around.

Akaka Falls, Big Island Hawaii
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As mentioned earlier, the weather this time around is perfect making it the best time to go to Hawaii in September. Park entry fees are $5 per vehicle or $1 per person for walk-in visitors.

Both falls are situated on a wetland, make sure you grab a raincoat and follow the 6.5 m loop trail paved path to navigate the way. Meanwhile, you will get a glimpse of Kahuna Falls and the Kolekole Stream mixed into the falls before the grand amalgamation with the ocean.

Location: 875 Akaka Falls Road, Honomu, Hawaii 96728, USA

Phone: +1 808 974 6200

2) Haleakala Crater

Famous as the House of the Sun, Haleakala Crater is a huge volcano on Maui that broke through the surface of the ocean a few million years ago. Rising, 3000m high, now, the crater has formed an impressive presence on the island.

People can trek to the summit that leads through six distinctive climate zones. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the view of the geological features such as multicoloured cinder cones.

Haleakala Crater aka House of the Sun
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The summit of this volcano not only provides a view of beautiful Maui but is also a perfect place to watch the sunrise/sunset.

Although people love watching Maui's famous sunset from up there, the most requested activity in the national park is to watch the sunrise through the thick clouds from the premises.

People love watching the sunset from up there but the most requested package is to watch the sunrise through the thick clouds from the Haleakala National Park premises.

Before you pack your bag and begin your trek, it is urged to register in advance and pay a small fee for a ticket worth $1.50 for a sunrise reservation.

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3) The Sea Cliffs of Molokai

Situated on the north shore of Molokai, the sea cliffs were formed by a massive landslide a million years ago. As there are no roads leading up to this remote part of the island, you will need to hike or ride a mule along the trail of Kalaupapa.

Though locals claim this part of the water to be dangerous, people fish there all the time. Yes, it is risky to hire a boat let alone a kayak.

The Sea Cliffs of Molokai captured by Danica SK
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Fishing in Hawaii in September is a treat at this time of the year. You can book a boat from Hallelujah Hou Fishinger for $800 for one to two anglers.

As mentioned earlier, this part of the island is remote, therefore visitors are urged to take a parking permit before entering the sanctuary. But if you are not in the mood to hike, you can hire a boat and watch the cliffs while enjoying fishing.

Or, you can charter a helicopter tour to catch a bird's eye view of the cliffs while flying between Maui & Molokai.

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4) Nakalele Blowhole

Are you tired of going to the beach or watching a volcano in Hawaii?? If yes, you need to change. Visit the natural blowhole in Maui to catch a glimpse of nature's wonder.

Here, on the northwest coast of Maui, you are guaranteed to enjoy the view of seawater eruption. That means, at Nakalele Blowhole, the seawater shoots up racing towards the sky through a hole on the rocky coastline.

Per records, it can get high as 30 metres.

Visit Nakalele Blowhole in Maui, HI
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This natural phenomenon occurs as a result of seawater streaming into an underwater lava tube, with wave pressure giving it nowhere to go but to end up in a powerful spray out of the small hole. 

This place is not only fit for solo travellers but is also an amazing spot to take your kids. But the heart-shaped hole in a rock nearby, speaks a different story.

In addition to being a family-friendly or solo travelling-friendly spot, Nakalele Blowhole is also the best choice for romance-seekers and Instagrammers alike. 

Side Note: This spot can be an inspiration to seek a romantic honeymoon destination in Hawaii.

5) Na Pali Coast

Stretched fifteen miles of coastline along the northwest coast of Kauai between Ke`e Beach in Haena State Park to Polihale State Park in Mana, Na Pali offers a  dramatically spectacular view.

With varieties of rugged landscapes with steep sea cliffs, deep valleys, waterfalls and streams, Na Pali is a supreme paradise.

Na Pali Coast captured by photographer Godspeedphotography76
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This coast is under the protection of a state park and there are trails to explore the area. As the park is sometimes closed, make sure it's open before you embark on the journey.

For sure, hiking is not everyone's cup of tea. Some people prefer rock climbing, some prefer walking, likewise, you can choose to view Na Pali by boat or via a helicopter tour.

For your convenience, you can join the Kayaking trips or rafting that allows you to observe the hidden caves and secluded beaches.

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6) Halona Beach Cove

Nestled in a rocky cove on Oahu, Halona Beach Cove is a gorgeous and tiny beach that is heaven for romantic couples.

The beach is also famous for being the site of the passionate love scene between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the classic 1953 movie From Here to Eternity

Although their closeted love affair didn't survive, the beach has grown more romantic than ever. Boating the calm turquoise waters, Halona Beach is a perfect spot for a beach day.

Halona Beach Cove captured by explorer Melanie B-L
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Grab a big bottle of sunscreen, a hat, and big shades and you are ready to soak up all the vitamins and get tanned on the soft sand.

Walk down the Halona overlook to reach the cove and enjoy the distant view of Maui, Molokai and Lanai in the distance.

7) Waimea Canyon

Views from Waimea Canyon are uncanny and totally worth the drive. People who have visited the site recommend renting a car to watch the scenery while driving to the destination.

Per comments on TripAdvisor, it's worth it! Spanning more than 20 km wide and 1 km deep, this canyon offers a wide view across the west of Kauai island.

Regarding the formation of this spot, this red-cliff canyon was formed when the volcano that created Kauai collapsed some 4 million years ago. 

One of the things to do in Kauai to camp at the Waimea Canyon
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Situated in Waimea Canyon State Park, the canyon is also famous for hiking as it has several trails to explore including the quick and easy Cliff Trail for a view of the canyon.

While you have made up your mind to visit the waterfall, you can also plan to camp at the Wiliwili campsite located at the bottom of the canyon following a 4km hike from the entrance.

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Best Place To Surf in Hawaii in September

There are different places on different islands that are prominent surfing locations. If you talk about Maui surfing locations, it includes

Ukumehame beach park is the primary location for surfing as it has shallow waters and smaller waves making this coastline perfect for amateurs.

Ho’okipa Beach is an excellent spot for experienced folks because of its giant waves. 

Honolua Bay, per professionals, has the “best wave in the world”.

Jaws Beach aka Pe’ahi is Maui's most potent surf spot that is suitable for professionals only.

Grab your board and visit Maui to surf this September.
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Regarding water activities in Oahu, the following places are loved by the surfers

Waikīkī Beach is a beginner-friendly spot for amateurs in Oahu.

Diamond Head has mellow waves and deep water, making it a nice place for intermediate surfers.

Puaʻena Point Beach Park is for experts only.

White Plains Beach has manageable A-frame waves for surfers to catch. This is not a beginner-friendly surfing spot in Oahu.

Haleʻiwa Beach Park's waves are fast-breaking sections and have high-performance capabilities that can only be attempted by professional surfers.

All Island Events & Festivals During September 2023

Hawaii is famous for hosting annual events such as Food & Wine Festivals. In addition to the festivals, there are events you can enjoy in Hawaii during September and October.

Some of them are-

Top Maui Experiences to Book in September 2023:

  • Maui Festivals of Aloha 
  • Maui La ‘Ulu Festival
  • Annual Richard Hoopii Leo Kiekie Falsetto Competition in Kapalua
  • True Hawaiian Spirit Celebration Ho’olaule’a 

Top Oahu Experiences to Book in September 2023:

  • Majestic Circle Island Eco Tour from Waikiki
  • Annual Waikiki Ho’olaule’a 
  • Open-Door Helicopter Tour over Oahu
  • Friday Night Catamaran Fireworks Sail with Open Bar
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Admission Ticket & Waikiki Transportation
  • Premium Pearl Harbor Tour w/Lunch

Enjoy Hawaiian traditional Luau
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Top Big Island Experiences to Book in September 2023:

Clyde “Kindy” Sproat Falsetto & Storytelling Competition 

Top Kauai Experiences to Book in September 2023:

  • Kauai Mokihana Festival
  • Hale Puna Farmers Market 
  • Aloha Market at NTBG

Temperature in Hawaii in September

Visiting Hawaii in the fall is a great idea, when everywhere in the United States starts getting chilly, Hawaii, on the other hand, has the best weather in the season.

Are you wondering what's the weather like in Hawaii in September? The answer to your question would be Perfect!! Weather in the Aloha state in September and October is at its best.

Not only the place is empty but the weather is just perfect for a beach day which is 87°F- 76°F.

Temperature in Hawaii in September is perfect for a vacation
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Why is it cheaper to go to Hawaii in September?

As the fall begins, the summer crowd reduces and the rates for hotels and resorts drop drastically. With low accommodation rates and price drops from a summer package, September month becomes one of the most cost-efficient months to visit Hawaii.

How hot is Hawaii in September in Celsius?

On average, the temperature in Hawaii reaches 27°C during the daytime. The temperature is around 24°C even at night when the climate is at its coolest, making Hawaii a perfect place to experience the nightlife in September.